Ananda Spirit Festival / SHIVA SHANKAR



Shri. Shiva Shankar was born into a Hindu Brahmin family at Jagannathpuri (Orissa) and raised by his spiritual masters in the ancient legendary cave monasteries and ashrams of the great Yogis, where countless generations of Yogis have been trained and initiated in to the deepest mysteries of the sacred science of Veda and Yoga.
He was known from an early age as a foremost exponent and expert of the tradition; its texts and practices. He was a child prodigy with a flair for recitation of Mantras for a prolonged time-span, practice of Yogic techniques, meditating for hours and studying the ancient Holy Scriptures.
After his school education, Shivaji dedicated his whole life to following the journey within by walking on the well-trodden ancient path of Yogic revolution shown by the Himalayan Masters, Sages, Great Yogis and Vedic Scholars. At the age of 14, crossing all familial and social boundaries and limitations, he left his home to attain spiritual enlightenment.


16. März 2018