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Melanie Shank

Kaula Hatha Yoga Master Class mit Melanie Shank, USA

Deepen your yoga and meditation practice with guest teacher Melanie Shank. We will explore Kaula Hatha Yoga, its approach to releasing physical, energetic and emotional blockages through the techniques of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, energetic alchemy and meditation. We will work with The Mandala of Emotions and its broad perspective on how the natural elements, specifically Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space, are expressed in our body and in all layers of our being, how to recognize the blockages and how to recover the energy lost in the chain of afflictive emotions. The practice creates the opportunity to synchronize with the wisdom and nectar of each element, allowing for healing, transformation and the revelation of the natural state of wholeness, clarity, health and well-being.

Originally from Texas, USA, Melanie Shank has been a yoga practitioner, since 2000. She took her first Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2004 and since then, she has been continuing her studies and trainings in different lineages and paths of wisdom. With commitment and joy, she shares classes, workshops, trainings and retreats in an accessible and authentic way, for all levels and for everyone.

Since 2009, Melanie has been studying directly with yogini Parvathi Nanda Nath who passed on the teachings of Kaula Hatha Yoga that have profoundly transformed her personal practice and teaching. Her intention in sharing Yoga is to offer a sacred and contained space for self-exploration of the subtle layers of the body, mind and Heart, to create a space for the true recognition and experience of unity here in the body, and to transmit the beautiful and powerful practices and techniques from this authentic lineage of Kaula Hatha Yoga.


12. Juli 2021