Ecstatic Dance mit UKIK – Tanz Dich vollkommen frei


The germany-born Ukik is one of the most whirling Djane´s throughout Berlin city and has brought her seemingly never ending energy to wellknown festivals and clubs in Germany and other countries in Europe. Her repertoire covers
meditative soundscapes, groovy downtempo, hot multi-cultural beats as well as hypnotizing deep house.


She is known for her acute sense of rythym, harmony and is never afraid to criss cross genres and styles, all while perfectly sensing what the dancing crowd desires, in local, highly frequented clubs such as Sisyphos, Mensch Meier, Beate Uwe, Holzmarkt, Jonny Knüppel, Anomalie, Zuckerzauber + many more.


UKIK has been hopping around the international festival circuit over the years. Giving people a space to dance freely at some of the top European festivals including: Fusion Festival, Garbicz, Festival, Feel Festival, Attension Festival, Sa Terza Metari Festival , Kiez Burn, Ananda Spirit Festival, New Healing Festival, Agni Spirit Festival + many more.


4. April 2021